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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> still time to cut a deal, john kerry arrives in vienna. that is his plane. it has landed for the final round of talks over iran's nuclear program. hello, i'm nick clark. you're watching al jazeera. coming up on the program, almost 1,000 people have been killed in ukraine since the ceasefire was introduced in september. the family of two palestinians who attacked jerusalem's synagogue have told that their homes will be demolished. and camping out in the french country side, syria rfg refugeet
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another stumbling block. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry has arrived in vienna. iran and the six world powers have to reach a deal before monday's deadline. kerry says a resolution has not been discussed. the plane which has landed in vienna. john kerry is on board that. they're getting ready to open the door and let hill out and at which point he will disembark and join the negotiations. let's hear what he's had to say. >> we believe all of us, that if you have a peaceful nuclear program, it really isn't that hard technically to be able to prove that it is peaceful. our hope is that we'll be able
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to close the gaps, move forward, work with our technical experts, our teams, and see whether or not in the next days, key can move closer to or achieve some sense of how we close the agreement. >> our diplomatic editor james bays is here. what hope is there that a deal can be struck by the deadline on monday? >> well, i think it's very much at the balance. this is the key moment. these talks always tend to go to the wire. they managed to do so a year ago when they reached an interim deal. will they gel get a deal this ? they are closer than ever before but when you get to the end you get to the most difficult points of the lot. rumors swirling, maybe there will be another delay, another negotiations in march.
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secretary kerry now making i.t. clear they are working -- making it clear they are working towards a deal . reports from tehran, they are making a deal on the heavy water plant. also the iaea the national monetary organization, has not come up with the information it requested in may information to prove that iran is not pursuing a military objective with its nuclear facilities but at the same time, the iaea saying iran hasn't sat down to answer their questions because iran is so busy negotiating with the international community. >> james, as i say, john kerry's plane is on the tarmac to wait for him to disembark. does that give us more sense for optimism there could be a good concludes to this?
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>> well i think it shows that he's there prepared personally to involve himself in the process. he has been personally involved at many key points. there he is secretary kerry coming down the stairs. worth noting he couldn't leave last time he was in vienna because his plane broke down on the tarmac. i think he's hoping the nuclear talks don't break down, and he's here to make the final push, crucial final days. >> we'll leave it there as secretary kerry arrives in vienna and heads off to join those talks on iran's nuclear praprogram. more on that as the days go on. official notice from the police that homes will be destroyed, in 2005 after the israeli army says it was not a deterrent most likely to deter
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violence. andrew what's been the reaction to the news? >> well, there is consternation of the policy against the families of attackers. in this case, gasan uday abu abu jamal, their families have been notified that the apartments will be destroyed. structural engineers are trying to assess how they will demolish the apartments, one of them had two children and a widow, the other one is single. how they will demolish their buildings and not bring the entire complex of apartments down. now, the extended family of abu jamal, large number of people live in these apartments, and the view is -- that this will be
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a deterrent effect it will really be a visual scar on the building, intended to deter others from attacking israelis. now, this has been condemned by human rights groups in particular amnesty international as being an offense in international law terms and also the military itself back in 2005, said it has little effect on deterring people from attacking israelis so therefore it is causing consternation. and indeed it has caused more demonstrations on thursday particularly in the occupied east jerusalem. and these demonstrations weren't huge, they weren't involving much violence, but the sway of situation is still very tense. >> and what could reduce that? >> well, it's hashed to gauge, nick. there's been a raft of new measures, most of them kept
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quoid by the security forces. one measure causing concern and that is the licenses are no longer required for security guards to go home with their weaponry. that applies also to retired security force members. that in occupied east jerusalem alone, requires for 1500 security workers taking their guns home, a lot of people here have license for firearms, and increased worries among both communities that there will be shootouts in the future. but for now, there is some level of calm. but then there's still this -- this whole cloud of tension around any gathering in jerusalem right now. nick. >> all right andrew simmons
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reporting. almost a thousand people have been killed in fighting since a ceasefire has been declared in september in ukraine. a human rights reporting agency said 957 people died. that's an average of 13 every day. the overall death toll since fighting began in april stands at 4317. harry fawcett has more from donetsk. >> fighting continued since the ceasefire between these two sides was signed on september 5th. that will come as no surprise for those in this region especially in donetsk who have been listening to almost daily shelling around the airport which is still very seriously contested between ukrainian forces and pro-russian separatists, there's been isolated pockets of fighting
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throughout eastern ukraine. it is been an attritional battle that has continued in these separatist areas, ceasefire or no ceasefire. for now though at least politically this ceasefire does continue to hold. although the rhetoric has become increasingly hostile in recent weeks. ukraine saying russian forces have come over into eastern ukrainen areas, also the ukrainian president says his country stands ready for a return to all out war and on thursday the prime minister of ukrainian, arseny yatsenyuk yuck, have coming forward and saying russia is turning ukraine into its playing field and russia is arguing and positioning itself for all out war. a extremely serious situation.
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the ceasefire is by no means stable, an imperfect ceasefire throughout its two month life and there are fears it would break down in a much more widespread fashion. arrest warrant for wikileaks founders julian asang. asange. asange has claimed asigh legal at the embassy to avoid deportation to switzerland. tighter control by the united kingdom, lawrence lee reports, amongst are syrian children. >> some things understand about life for refugees in northern france. it is well-known for example there is a huge camp known as the junk l, at calais just over
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the sea from britain. trying to find their way into moving vehicles on the way to england. even if most fail the growing perception is britain is being swamped by unwanted immigration. this is a new development. we drove south of calais, and here wedged between farmers fields, the evidence of how far the lives of refugees are sinking. these young boys say they all come from different parts of syria. they're all alone and barrel have a piece of bread to share between them. they look absolutely lost. this boy says his parents are both dead and he's been here for four months. we were smuggled through turkey, he said, i've lost all my papers and nobody is interested in
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helping us. afghans are here too, a tiny baby girl whose mother could barely feed her. absolutely no idea what to do next. to put two finer points on it these unaccompanied syrian teen el aingd boys, thiaged boys, inn northern france because the british government doesn't want to let them in. the problem in britain is the distinction is increasingly being lost twre loss between mid asylum seekers. they still see the u.k. as a source of promised land. what they don't realize is how much has changed politically towards even those who surely deserve support. these protesters may well argue that there are only 80 syrians
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in calais, but the u.k. has given asylum to just 50 people from syria. >> translator: it's the stigmatization. in england they don't see migrants as a source of enrichment to their country. there's too much fear. >> these conditions at a disused factory in calais look good. partly because it's dry. we took a walk through maze of this building and it's hard for them to show what they have for their dream of a better existence. >> there is no security, there, all the people that are escaping to find a place to stay and looking for the protection from the deaths. >> reporter: the only conclusion you can draw is that even though the u.k. is making the ability to move harder and harder people won't stop trying to find a better life. perhaps when they sleep they dream of nothing which after all
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is exactly what they have. lawrence lee, al jazeera in northern france. >> coming up on the program: rounded up and locked up. an exclusive report on the plight of malaysia's undocumented refugees. and the immigration issues in the united states, how people can be saved from deportation from barack obama.
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>> at the height of the cold war >> we're spies... intercepting messages from embassies, military bases... >> one of the america's closest allies... >> we were not targeting israelis... >> suddenly attacked >> bullet holes... ...just red with blood... >> 34 killed... we had no way to defend ourselves >> high level coverups... never before heard audio... a shocking investigation
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>> a conscience decision was made to sweep it under the rug... >> the day israel attacked america only on al jazeera america >> today on the stream, >> is one of the largest manufacturers of airplanes valuing corporate interest over safety? a look at a groundbreaking al jazeera investigation on the boing 787 >> the stream, on al jazeera america >> here is a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. the u.s. secretary of state has arrived in vienna to conduct
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final round of talks. an extension is not being discussed kerry says as monday deadline approaches. family of the men who attacked east jerusalem synagogue has received notice that their homes will be destroyed. pro-russian separatists in september, between september the 5th and november the 18th, 957 people have died.nigerian mps have been locked out of parliament by police. scaling the gate to try to get inside police fired tear gas. reporting from abuja. >> when he arrived at the parliament building they were prevented from entering, are scuffle ensued, police fired tear gas and some mps were seen
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trying to scale the walls. did not conduct themselves in an orderly manner, that they were pushing through barricades and they assaulted police officers on their way in. background of all of this of course is this house speaker had defected from the ruling party to the opposition, last month and as soon as he did that, the nigerian police stripped him of his security detail. this of course angered the opposition saying that even though this parliament speaker switched side still the head of the house, he is still the fourth most influential politician in the country and siding with the ruling party. >> nationwide protests are getting underway in mexico. thousands of people expected to take to the streets, part of an ongoing campaign against violence and corruption. disappearance of 43 students in
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guerrero state in september. marxist rebels in colombia have agreed to release hostages. colombia had earlier said it would suspend peace talks until alazate is released. deal brokered by cuba and norway. in myanmar at least 23 rebels have died, spokesman says the army attacked one of its training bases near the city near the chinese border. 15 were wounded. one of myanmar's religious groups, kia was set up in 1961, waged a war against the burmese state until 1994. initially the kia nean kia demad
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outright independence. thousands have died and more than 100,000 civilians have been displaced. many of those who have fled their homes have gone to malaysia. al jazeera went under cover in malaysia, to find out how authorities are treating immigrants there. often no end to their misery when they arrive. >> refugees are not only unwanted in malaysia, they're hunted. on the streets of the capitol, kuala lumpur, we see people wand without immigration papers. there are an estimated 150,000 asylum seekers in the country. once captured they are sent to detention centers. with a hidden camera we secretly enter one of these facilities.
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everyone is handcuffed. some are even chained. we quietlily lend phones to these from myanmar. they are one of the most persecuted ethnic minorities. we also find children locked up which violates international agreements malaysia has signed. malaysia's deputy home minister doesn't deny, some refugees are mistreated. >> we can't avoid 100%, my assurance is, generally we are doing well. >> asylum seekers turn to the u.n. hnc for help. widespread fraud, here a man
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offers to sell these refugees u.n. hnc cards. they cost u.s. $600. he is a translator working for u.n, a transportation agency is hind th -- behind the scam. won't say u.n. staff are involved. >> if allegations come up that have some credible basis to it they're investigated and proper action is taken. so i'm not going to confirm or deny. >> on the streets we learn malaysian authorities have also heard of the scam and are increasingly distrustful of u.n. i.d.s. it's meant more refugees face arrest and harassment. making life miserable for those who have already suffered a miserable existence back home.
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>> full investigation is called malaysia unwanted, will be seen on 101 east, and airs a little bit later on thursday at 2230 gmt. 2230 gmt. police in thailand have detained three students in the opening of the latest film in the hunger games saga. gesture is borrowed from the movie symbolizing rebellion against a totalitarian government. antigovernment protesters in thailand have adopted the gesture which is now banned. the u.s. state of new york is bracing for another snow storm. the last one killed almost seven people, a meter of snow fell in the city of buffalo, the governor has declared a state of emergency and national guard troops have been sent in to help
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residents. in the united states safety regulators have called for a recall of air bags. takata made the air bags which have caused at least 40 deaths. lisa stark reports. >> this is what the air bag was supposed to do, protect him in a crash. this is what he says it did. >> all i remember was hearing a big explosion. it sounded like a shotgun and my right side went black, pitch black. >> reporter: burdock's car was mildly damaged. but when the air bag inflated, a shart of metal flew out and sliced into his face and eye. >> i realized i was bleeding out of my face. i went down to sit on the curb and thought i was going to die on the curb.
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>> reporter: burdick survived but is he now blind in his right eye. officials from takata recently apologized. >> if the air bag module explodes you are very likely to be killed or seriously injured. >> clarence ditlow says takata has had shifting explanations for the air bag defect. >> we believe the ammonium nitrate is a very unstable chemical. >> a chemical formula which takata says it has anonymity changed. the government is also demanding an expanded recall. burdick's air bag had been recalled before his accident but his attorney claims those recall
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notices did not show up until after burdick was blinded. >> if there was a rule that required in all circumstances that there be a phone call or piece of registered mail i know we could save lives. >> the recall system should be strength ownerred he says. seen before his family with the crash. he is suing honda and takata. >> as far as recovery i think i'm still recovering. you have to teach yourself how to do things all over again. >> now he says he's adjusting to a very different life than he expelled. lisa stark, al jazeera, washington. >> in a highly automate speech later on thursday, the u.s. president barack obama is expected to reveal new steps to protect undocumented immigrants. 11 million people live illegally in the united states. about half of those could be spared from deportation. that includes those who live in the country for over five years and those who arrive at
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children. millions of undocumented immigrants work and pay taxes and have children. they still worry each day about the possibility of deportation. we spoke to one undocumented worker who shares her story. >> my name theist bell movena. my husband and my son and i we came to this country in 1996. we have a 19-year-old now. he currently attends college. and i have two little ones. ryan, six-year-old, jamie eight years old and my husband and i we have been working very hard for this country. throughout these 18 years we are doing everything possible that could be done for us to contribute to our family. cleaning houses, working, medical assistant, volunteering in schools, you name it. my husband work in a factory. as of right now i'm doing volunteer work and i also clean houses and also looking for a
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job right now. but because i don't have a social security number, this is not easy for me. ever since i could remember, we have been paying taxes. i am afraid of being deported because we my little one's classmates, they come to me crying, oh my mom is not home anymore. so when they tell me this, i know that this will happen to me. but that is my fear, every single day when i take them to school. i know that, that could be the last day, that really breaks my heart because my kids are my life. and even though they are american citizens, i have no protection whatsoever. the most important, the most valuable thing is my family.
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to be able to keep my kids with me. and not to be separated ever. never. mr. president obama has the power to give an executive order for people like myself, for families like us, families who have contributed so much to this great nation. if we get this, this will change our lives. i will have everything that i could possibly dream of for my family. i wouldn't be afraid to be deported any day and not have the opportunity to raise my kids. >> mike nichols, the director behind the film the graduate, has died. >> yes, mrs. robinson.
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>> it was a movie that launched the contractor of dustin hoffman. won at least one emmy and grammy. >> hi i'm lisa fletcher and you're in the stream. 787 dreamliner, fears from the airlines's own workers, caught on camera. my digital producer and


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